Here are the most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, shoot us an email!

Q: Why use InnerList?

In today’s busy world, people need to be able to quickly organize and manage the knowledge that is important to them, whether it be keeping track of tasks that need to be accomplished, capturing moments of inspiration, or organizing the people that they have met into social groups. Our solution to this problem is to create a mobile application called InnerList to help people create, organize, retrieve, and manage lists.

Q: Is InnerList free?

InnerList offers three tiers: Limited, Basic, and Premium. Our Limited tier is free. Basic tier is $1.99 and Premium tier is $2.99.

Q: Do you support syncing?

As we only offer InnerList on the iPhone platform, we do not support syncing. In the future, if we release an iPad version of the app, we will also include syncing so that our customers will have the convenience of working on all of their iOS devices.

Q: How do I backup my data?

The best way to backup your data is through iTunes backup.

Q: Why is InnerList called InnerList?

We wanted to create a tool that is personal, seamless and convenient to use. An app that feels like a built-in app but isn’t. InnerList users can express themselves effortlessly on the go, allowing them to channel their “inner self” anywhere, anytime in the world.